【Soka・Saitama】Izakaya where you can drink a variety of Japanese sake


きび アイキャッチ画像

Saitama prefecture Soka city “Dokkyo University front station” It is located 5 minutes on foot.The name of the shop is called “Kibi”.Two couple from Saitama are running a shop.It is a quiet relaxing izakaya.

As this shop is delicious with sake and sashimi and grilled vegetables, I hope you like them.It is hard to find it honestly without being conspicuous, but because it contains hidden elements as much as it is, it is outstanding as a date dating.

Relaxing space of old-fashioned house style


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Inside an old private-house shop feels the atmosphere of Japanese.Although it is stylish, there is serenity somewhere, and it is the point that it is not unnoticed.Hidden house elements are nice and tight spaces.

Always have more than 30 kinds of sake, you can drink all 600 yen uniformly


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The characteristic of this store is abundance of sake.We have more than 30 types of sake.We deal in seasonal sake from the classic sake.Therefore, you can drink your favorite sake according to the season of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

In addition, this shop handles a wide range of varieties and rare sake.It is also a shop that you can recommend without fail if you want to drink special sake.

The price is 90 ml for 600 yen.It is 980 yen in 180 ml, so it is nice to be uniform regardless of price range or difficulty in obtaining.
※ There are also sake of some 700 yen or more.

Grilled vegetables from farmers near Soka city are yummy!


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The recommended menu of this shop is platter of grilled vegetables.Since it is a vegetable purchased from Soka city area (near this shop), freshness is high and it should be delicious as it is honestly.We carefully grill the vegetables and eat them with homemade sauce specialized in this store, so you are sure to be satisfied.

As we are also buying seasonal vegetables as well as sake, we will be even more satisfied.Because it is prepared for 2 people at 950 yen, if you eat alone, you will be well in the stomach.Please note that we will give you a little time as we will offer it.

Excellent fresh sashimi


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Master says “Sashimi is not in a spirit”.However, it is a dish that is fresh and satisfying.Because the price is good at 1,000 yen, considering the financial aspect is a trouble (Sashimi assortment will be between 2,000 yen and 3,000 yen).Deliciousness to match the price, if you have plenty of budget it is worth asking.

Store details / map

Store name:Kibi
Category: Japanese cuisine, creative cuisine, sake bar
Phone number: 048-953-9155
Opening hours: 18: 00 ~ 23: 00
Closed Friday: Monday
Address: 2-5-23 Sakaecho, Soka, Saitama Prefecture Etoile Yamazaki 1F
Estimated budget: 4,000 yen ~ 6,000 yen range